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Chatten Free School is the outcome of many years hard work to open a school specifically designed to make a positive, tangible difference in the lives of our pupils both in their present and in their future. We love to work with passionate people who buy into our vision and are ready to learn new skills and new ways of doing things. Our passion is to help staff develop and progress within Chatten and this is reflected in the training and support, we offer. The bonus to all of this is that as well as making a difference, learning and developing, our team also gets to have fun and be part of an amazing work family, working towards one incredible goal. We look forward to meeting you.

About Us

We are a special school in Witham, Essex for pupils with severe autism. Most of our pupils will be pre-verbal and may display significant challenging behaviour. We are brand new and exciting provision (opening September 2021) with the core purpose of improving the lives of our pupils in the now and for the future. We know that with the right people and the right methods we can make a real difference. SO CAN YOU! We believe in nurturing our staff and helping them to grow so that they can thrive within our organisation.

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Our Values

Our primary values are happiness, independence and respect for all. These underpin everything we do and apply to all the members of our family including our staff.

  • Happiness

    We believe in looking after the wellbeing of our staff and do practical things to help make sure our staff are happy.

  • Independence

    For our staff this means being self-sufficient and autonomous at whatever level they work. We provide ongoing training and support to make sure this happens.

  • Respect

    We work as a nurturing and supportive team unit, ensuring all members of our work family feel valued and have opportunities to grow.

Our Vacancies

Our Purpose

Our purpose is clear – to make a positive and tangible impact on the lives of our pupils. To open up their world, to help them be independent and most of all to help them live happy healthy lives. We treat every one of our pupils as an individual and we build the school day and the curriculum around them (not the other way round). We use evidence-based techniques and data driven decisions. Most importantly we nurture and support our staff to be the best they can be. Our staff change lives for the better.

Why Work For Us?

There are a huge number of reasons to work at Chatten Free School, not least the difference you will make to people’s lives. We offer competitive salaries, detailed training and development opportunities and our term time structure has some huge benefits if you like to get away outside of normal school holidays.

  • Competitive Pay

    We aim to provide competitive pay structures for our employees that reflect the amazing job they do.

  • Training

    We provide extensive online and live training for all our staff throughout their time with us. This includes opportunities to gain formal qualifications and accreditations.

  • Development

    No matter the role you do when you join us we will help you grow and progress within our school. There are opportunities for everyone.

  • Term time structure

    Our term time structure means that you get two weeks in the year where you can get away outside of the normal school holidays.

  • Change Lives

    Whatever you do at Chatten Free School you will go home every day knowing you have made a real and profound impact on the lives of the pupils at our school. It doesn’t get better than that.

  • Respect

    We work as a nurturing and supportive team unit, ensuring all members of our work family feel valued and have opportunities to grow.

Our Family

  • Ashleigh

    The biggest thing I love about my job is the children, I love seeing them grow.

  • Bobby

    I love that every day is different, it is challenging but when you see the progress the children make it is absolutely amazing.

  • Mollie

    I absolutely love working with all the different children, I learn new things about them every day. They never fail to surprise me. I just really enjoy helping them.